Henry and Lee #21


Personally, I prefer brutal honesty to everything else. I don’t appreciate it when people sugarcoat their words to spare your feelings; it only hurts more when you realize they were being dishonest.

I think Lee’s nature is an embodiment of that side of me…or at least how I hope to one day have the guts to be. She always speaks her mind, and doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her. Sure, Henry gets the brunt of her no-nonsense nature, but that’s what makes it even more worth it 😀

Anyway, Henry’s mum was supposed to visit today, but this idea just came to me and it just fit right in, I had to do it 🙂

So tomorrow Henry’s mum comes to town! I hope you’ll all hate her 😀

Till then, stay awesome, people!!


Been a while…

Hey guys!

So, it’s been almost two weeks since my last post. I know, I suck. I’ve just been a little busy. I’m going back to school early next month and the preparations have taken up most of my time. I’ve really missed doing new H&Ls, though, and am really glad to be back. 🙂

This is the second hiatus we have taken since starting the comic strip, and as always, we usually come back with a huge bag of goodies. H&L became a color strip after the first hiatus, and today, after the second, we have an even bigger bag of goodies:

  • A bigger story. The main characters are more rounded and relate-able, and each strip leads up to the next.
  • New characters. Henry and Lee get to have more people in their lives to share their adventures with!
  • We also have a twitter and facebook page where we’ll leave random bags of goodies for you beautiful people! Check us out! Click on the links in the sidebar to find out more.
  • Scheduled posts so you never miss any H&Ls 🙂

I’m also thinking about experimenting with the strip a little, you know, share my H&L sketches and stuff like that. I hope you guys will enjoy that!

Anyway, here’s to hoping everything goes well! Stay awesome, people! 🙂


Henry and Lee #15


Today’s H&L’s inspiration?

I almost clicked on a suspicious link today. I pictured this happening if I did 😀

I thought it’d be pretty awesome if it did happen this way, so I clicked on it. Curiosity, I guess.

Instead I became the 999999th visitor and won an iPhone. Go figure. 😦